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GO Term :

Identifier  GO:0071564 Name  npBAF complex
Ontology . Name  GO Namespace  cellular_component
Obsolete  false
description  A SWI/SNF-type complex that is found in neural stem or progenitor cells, and in human contains actin and proteins encoded by the ARID1A/BAF250A or ARID1B/BAF250B, SMARCD1/BAF60A, SMARCD3/BAF60C, SMARCA2/BRM/BAF190B, SMARCA4/BRG1/BAF190A, SMARCB1/BAF47, SMARCC1/BAF155, SMARCE1/BAF57, SMARCC2/BAF170, PHF10/BAF45A, ACTL6A/BAF53A genes. The npBAF complex is essential for the self-renewal/proliferative capacity of the multipotent neural stem cells.
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