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Gene : LOC108348027 Homo sapiens

Name  ? RN7SL499P-PTMA intergenic region enhancers Cytological Location  2q37.1
description  This genomic region is located between the RN7SL499P (RNA, 7SL, cytoplasmic 499, pseudogene) and PTMA (prothymosin, alpha) loci. Tissue-specific transcribed enhancers were defined within this region based on the co-occurrence of H3K4me1, H3K27ac and DNase hypersensitive epigenetic marks with the presence of balanced bidirectional capped transcripts by cap analysis of gene expression (CAGE) in blood cells. Different sub-regions were validated as functional enhancers by reporter assays in DAUDI B cells or THP-1 monocytes, or by reporter assays in transgenic mice. Another sub-region was validated as a functional enhancer by the Sharpr-MPRA technique (Systematic high-resolution activation and repression profiling with reporter tiling using massively parallel reporter assays) in both HepG2 liver carcinoma cells (group: HepG2 Activating non-DNase unmatched - State 10:DNaseD, primarily Duke DNase, candidate regulatory elements in more likely repressive locations) and K562 erythroleukemia cells (group: K562 Activating DNase matched - State 5:Enh, candidate strong enhancer, open chromatin), while yet another sub-region displayed enhancer activity by Sharpr-MRPA in K562 cells (group: K562 Activating DNase unmatched - State 1:Tss, active promoter, TSS/CpG island region). [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2018]
  • identifiers:
  • 108348027,
  • LOC108348027

Genome feature

Region: gene ?
Location: No location information in HumanMine Cyto location: 2q37.1

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