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Pathway : Protein digestion and absorption

Identifier  04974 Description  Protein is a dietary component essential for nutritional homeostasis in humans Normally, ingested protein undergoes a complex series of degradative processes following the action of gastric, pancreatic and small intestinal enzymes The result of this proteolytic activity is a mixture of amino acids and small peptides Amino acids AAs are transported into the enterocyte intestinal epithelial cell by a variety of AA transporters that are specific for cationic basic AA, neutral AA, and anionic acidic AA Small peptides are absorbed into enterocytes by the PEPT1 transporter Inside enterocytes peptides are hydrolyzed, and the resulting amino acids are released together with those absorbed by AA transporters into blood via multiple, basolateral, AA transporters Hydrolysis-resistant peptides, however, are transported out of the cells by a basolateral peptide transporter that has not been identified molecularly

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