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Pathway : mRNA surveillance pathway

Identifier  03015 Description  The mRNA surveillance pathway is a quality control mechanism that detects and degrades abnormal mRNAs These  pathways include nonsense-mediated mRNA decay NMD, nonstop mRNA decay NSD, and no-go decay NGD NMD is a mechanism that eliminates mRNAs containing premature translation-termination codons PTCs In vertebrates, PTCs trigger efficient NMD when located upstream of an exon junction complex EJC Upf3, together with Upf1 and Upf2, may signal the presence of the PTC to the 5'end of the transcript, resulting in decapping and rapid exonucleolytic digestion of the mRNA In the NSD pathway, which targets mRNAs lacking termination codons, the ribosome is believed to translate through the 3' untranslated region and stall at the end of the polyA tail NSD involves an eRF3-like protein, Ski7p, which is hypothesized to bind the empty A site of the ribosome and recruit the exosome to degrade the mRNA from the 3' end NGD targets mRNAs with stalls in translation elongation for endonucleolytic cleavage in a process involving the Dom34 and Hbs1 proteins

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