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Pathway : Vibrio cholerae infection

Identifier  05110 Description  Cholera toxin CTX is one of the main virulence factors of Vibrio cholerae Once secreted, CTX B-chain CTXB binds to ganglioside GM1 on the surface of the host's cells After binding takes place, the entire CTX complex is carried from plasma membrane PM to endoplasmic reticulum ER In the ER, the A-chain CTXA is recognized by protein disulfide isomerase PDI, unfolded, and delivered to the membrane where the membrane-associated ER-oxidase, Ero1, oxidizes PDI to release the CTXA into the protein-conducting channel, Sec61 CTXA is then retro-translocated to the cytosol and induces water and electrolyte secretion by increasing cAMP levels via adenylate cyclase AC to exert toxicity

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