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Pathway : Melanogenesis

Identifier  04916 Description  Cutaneous melanin pigment plays a critical role in camouflage, mimicry, social communication, and protection against harmful effects of solar radiation Melanogenesis is under complex regulatory control by multiple agents The most important positive regulator of melanogenesis is the MC1 receptor with its ligands melanocortic peptides MC1R activates the cyclic AMP cAMP response-element binding protein CREB Increased expression of MITF and its activation by phosphorylation P stimulate the transcription of tyrosinase TYR, tyrosinase-related protein 1 TYRP1, and dopachrome tautomerase DCT, which produce melanin Melanin synthesis takes place within specialized intracellular organelles named melanosomes Melanin-containing melanosomes then move from the perinuclear region to the dendrite tips and are transferred to keratinocytes by a still not well-characterized mechanism

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