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Pathway : Endocytosis

Identifier  04144 Description  Endocytosis is a mechanism for cells to remove ligands, nutrients, and plasma membrane PM proteins, and lipids from the cell surface, bringing them into the cell interior Transmembrane proteins entering through clathrin-dependent endocytosis CDE have sequences in their cytoplasmic domains that bind to the APs adaptor-related protein complexes and enable their rapid removal from the PM In addition to APs and clathrin, there are numerous accessory proteins including dynamin Depending on the various proteins that enter the endosome membrane, these cargoes are sorted to distinct destinations Some cargoes, such as nutrient receptors, are recycled back to the PM Ubiquitylated membrane proteins, such as activated growth-factor receptors, are sorted into intraluminal vesicles and eventually end up in the lysosome lumen via multivesicular endosomes MVEs There are distinct mechanisms of clathrin-independent endocytosis CIE depending upon the cargo and the cell type

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